Nashrah Fatma, B.A.L.L.B. (H), Jamia Millia Islamia

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The reporting of precedents in law is known as Law Reporting. The concept of law reporting has been passed onto us by the British. The East India Company and then the Crown gradually extended the British Judicial System to India. The doctrines of precedent, stare decisis, obiter dicta and other aspects of the British legal system were also introduced in India. According to the theories of precedent and stare decisis, the law established by the superior court is binding upon the subordinate courts and they must adhere to the established guidelines in every case that comes before them. A court in India is bound by the ratio decidendi of every case decided by a higher court. However, the Supreme Court and the High Courts are not bound by their own decisions. The purpose of law reporting is to provide legal practitioners and judges of all courts with precise precedent case-laws. It is easier for the courts to decide a case based on similar facts and legal issues. As a result, Law Reporting is very useful in courts for the quick and easy disposal of cases. Having a quintessential and affordable law reporting system is the need of the hour.

Keywords: precedent, law report, publication, judgments. 

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