Journal of Law and Legal Studies is an online annual journal that emphasises in creating an open-access platform to research around Socio-Legal topics and promote interdisciplinary research entailing detailed study of law with other disciplines in the contemporary era.

The journal (JLLS) maintains a high standard of quality as the manuscripts received at the Journal of Law and Legal Studies go through a blind double peer review and a plagiarism check where only the content with plagiarism below 10 percent are selected for final publication.

All academicians, Research Scholars, Lawyers, and Law Students can submit original manuscripts of Articles, Research Papers, Case Comments, and Legislative Comments relating to a recent development in Law and Legal Studies.



1. Provide a detailed conceptualization of socio-economic phenomenon and its interplay with law and policy-making.

2. Encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research to develop a holistic and multifaceted approach toward the complex issues of today’s society. 

3. Critically and intellectually engage with contemporary issues and the discourse surrounding them.

4. Enable the development of legal intellect, critical analysis, and quality research by promoting original legal writing. 



The Journal invites original, unpublished manuscripts from all academicians, authors, legal professionals, and Law students in the following categories:


I. Long Articles (4500-7000 words, Excluding footnotes)

Submissions in this category are expected to engage with the theme and literature of a particular topic comprehensively. The article must survey current practice in the field, identify any lacunae and offer innovative reassessment along with constructive suggestions. Theoretical pieces are also welcome in this category.


II. Essays/Short Articles (2000-4000 words, Excluding footnotes)

Essays/short articles are more concise in scope and are focused on a particular issue and offer new perspectives and critical insights on the selected topic. They offer clearly identifiable arguments and may provide different ways of conceptualising the selected issue.


III. Case Notes and Legislative Comments (1200-2500 words)

This category is meant for the analysis of any contemporary judicial pronouncement, legislative action, or policy proposal. Notes and Comments must trace the line of cases in which the decision appears and comment on its implications on the evolution of that branch of law. Similarly, a legislative comment or policy proposal must identify the object and expected impact of the legislative action/policy proposal in question.

Journal Details

  • Name: Journal of Law and Legal Studies
  • Abbreviation: JLLS
  • Subject Area: Law
  • ISSN: Under Process
  • Publication Frequency: Annual
  • Language: English
  • Accessibility: Open Access (Creative Commons License)


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